FlatLine Daily #12
Minigun's Awesome Late Game vs. AxRyung
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How to beat Mech
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soLg.Lucky and his PvZ
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Analyzing Gold Player PvT
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Zest's PvP Early Stargate Build
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Mid Game and Late Game PvT
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Late Game PvP

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  • Since I started the coaching sessions with Flatline, I feel like my play improved drastically. I was in gold league before. I mainly got there by having decent macro, which means, I was focusing on just spending all my money and having one decent build for each macthup with a rough idea of the mid to late game transitions. With spending your money consistently only, I was stuck to gold league because I did lack the strategic knowledge to further improve. So up to then Starcraft for me was rather a mechanical game than a strategy game. Due to lack of that knowledge I came to a point where I couldn't figure out what went wrong after loosing a game even after watching the replay multiple times. At that point I decided to get a coach. Flatline provided me with a lot of knowledge I didn't know, telling me about scouting, what to pay attention to, how to read and react to your opponent, how to infer what your opponent is doing from what you are seeing, about unit compositions and so on as well as telling me about build orders. From this point, there was a whole new world opening up in Stracraft for me, because previously the whole "strategic" aspect of the game laid completely in the dark and I felt that this is the exact thing I needed to improve my play. After a couple of sessions I got promoted to Platinum and I have really become much more confident about what I am doing. I found it very difficult and inefficient to collect all the knowledge you need to improve just all by yourself browsing the internet, plus it fits my personal style of learning much more to have a person I can directly address and ask questions if I don't know understand something. Thus, for me the sessions I took - and hopefully the sessions to come - were definitely worth the money.
    ShenZu, Platinum Protoss
  • I just received a lesson June 19th, 2013 from FlatLine. We spoke a ton mostly theory craft based content about the game (at my request) and he was extremely informative about the game. You know, when you encounter someone who really cares about the game enough to discipline themselves in investigating the game regularly, it's hard not to enjoy a lesson with such a person. He plays a lot and puts a great effort into everything he does. He is very patient and adaptable to the lesson based upon your needs. He has extensive knowledge, specific replays, varied styles, and solid mechanics so essentially he can aid you in any area. I would recommend him to anyone struggling to put words or action to the struggles they are having in SC2 and be provided a solid set of solutions that provoke the next level of improvement to be fulfilled.
    aScPraiise, Masters Protoss

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